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Walking, collecting, making


Walking, collecting, making “Whether I am walking a path I know well or exploring a new location, my approach is the same. I can’t help but notice the detail: marks on the path; texture on a leaf; the range of colours on a stem where new wood joins to old; the form of buds or seeds; the change in tone... More...

6th Jan 2016

March 2015


Buon giorno amici, I wanted to let you know about some of the events happening here in March. Here at Masseria della Zingara we have been very busy pruning the olive trees.  Springtime is very important to prune the trees, especially as last year we had a terrible season.   Due to too much humidity in May all our crops... More...

6th Mar 2015

Antonio the Zingara. . . . news from the Masseria


Buon giorno from Masseria della Zingara.   My name is Antonio, Antonio the Zingara.   I was born here at the Masseria – a long time ago. The name Masseria della Zingara means house of the gypsy.  Masseria are found only here in Puglia and the name means a fortified farmhouse.   These days we don’t have horses, cows, sheep,... More...

6th 2015