Claire Benn – Breakdown and Beyond

July 3 - 7 2017

This period at the Masseria will provide you with time out in the sunshine to really get to grips with Breakdown Printing, a technique that can produce cloth with a wide variety of ‘styles’, including:

  • Organic, distressed ‘disintegrating’ marks/texture
  • Graphic, bold imagery/marks
  • Letterforms and writing
  • Doodling and sketching

We’ll also be taking a look at how the resulting cloth can be further developed through the use of other surface design techniques, including:

  • Scraping for over-dyeing (the whole cloth, or sections)
  • Line work, sketching or writing with needle nose bottles
  • Mono printing (large and small plates)
  • Screen printing using temporary stencils
  • Resists (masking tape, freezer paper and soya wax)

Arrive 2 July, workshop 3-7 July, depart 8 July

  • Twin room sharing not ensuite £750
  • Twin room sharing ensuite £820
  • Single room £920

2016 – 2017 Programme