Pugliese cookery and olive picking

3rd - 10th November 2018

Join us for the fantastic experience of picking your own olives and making your very own Extra Extra Virgin olive oil  – a flavour that can’t be beaten!

As well as being very beneficial to your health.  Studies show that the fatty acids and antioxidants in olive oil have some powerful health benefits, such as a reduced risk of heart disease.

After we pick the olives, we take them to the frantoio and watch them being crushed and turned into the green liquid gold.  And after your holiday we will deliver 5 Litres of your very own hand picked olive oil to your front door!

In between picking the olives we will learn how to cook some of the wonderful traditional foods of this region of Puglia.

Experience the wonderful taste of the fresh abundant vegetables and fruits of the Mediterranean as well as the freshest fish from the Adriatic sea. 80% of Europe’s pasta and much of Italy’s fish comes from this region.

It is famous for olives, almonds, dark juicy tomatoes, cime di rapa (turnip tops) fava beans, fresh figs and many more beautiful fresh and tempting foods. It is truly an agricultural paradise!

Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world, and it is largely thanks to Puglia, which produces more than any other region, around 17% of the total!


  1. £650 twin room sharing not ensuite
  2. £700 twin room sharing ensuite
  3. £800 single room

To book your place or for further information contact jan@masseriadellazingara.com

Here is what some of our guests from last year had to say about the experience:

‘Olive picking is a joy, spending the day in the lovely olive grove, combing the olives onto the nets while chatting and laughing with friends. It’s such a thrill gathering them up, taking the boxes to the press and then watching the whole fascinating process of extracting the oil. The Masseria is beautiful and there are wonderful old towns on the coast nearby to explore and delicious food to try. A fantastic holiday and your very own extra virgin olive oil to take home!’
– Gilly
We had a ball!  The Masseria was lovely; looks, comfort, and, above all, feel, all perfect.  The cooking was just at the right level and your “demonstrators” were great fun.  The visits to market, shops, winery and olive oil plant were like a family affair.  We really loved it in Puglia and we will certainly return at some stage.  Thank you very much indeed for making our stay so enjoyable.

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