Yoga on a Shoestring, yoga and sweat lodge retreat with Pierre Corvin and Gita Nichola Schneider

29th September - 4th October 2018

The chance to practice yoga in an idyllic setting, experience a sweat lodge ceremony and walk the medicine wheel.

A truly high quality yoga and shamanic holiday in beautiful Puglia, Italy.

Join Ash Bond, Gita and Pierre for 5 days of revitalising yoga alongside a purifying sweat lodge and reconnect to nature through exploring the wisdom of the medicine wheel at the beautiful Masseria.

A wonderful opportunity for you to relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and reawaken your spirit in beautiful Puglia Italy. You will enjoy daily yoga which focus on movement, breath and relaxation, alongside learning about the power of the medicine wheel and preparing for the sweat lodge.

The day will begin with a flowing and dynamic asana class in the light and airy yoga space. After the morning session breakfast will be served on the terrace. The afternoon sessions will vary to include; exploring nature through the lens of the medicine wheel, preparing the sweat lodge and restorative yoga classes.

The sweat lodge is an ancient native ceremony which has been used since time immemorial for purification of body, mind and emotions.

It helps to reconnect with the earth and to awaken old memories and connection with nature wisdom by using the 4 elements.

It is considered by native people as the song of the Earth. It has been an element in ceremonies for many different tribal communities all over the world ( south America, north America, Europe, Scandinavia, Mongolia to name just a view)

During the lodge ceremony the lodge keeper calls on the wisdom inspired by the 4 direction to guide visualization, chants, prayers, set intentions and reflection for all participants.
In a safe and gentle environment you will have the opportunity to leave the old behind and direct energy and intention to the new.

A sweat lodge is a covered round structure made from wood. Stones are heated in a fire and places in a hole in the middle of the lodge to creative a sweat lodge, a natural sauna.

£500 Camping
£700 Twin room sharing not ensuite
£750 Twin room sharing ensuite
£920 Single room

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