Things to do

Good food and good restaurants are a given. Sunshine is pretty much a given as well, however…

Explore the churches and catalogue the historic frescoes

Sip a coffee in Monopoli’s main square

Check out the fish markets. Try the one in Polignano!

polignano copy 2

Go underground and take the tour of the Castellana Grotte caves

Visit Zoo Safari – the largest safari park in southern Europe

Shop for high fashion in Bari

Hunt down those craft items – baskets, pottery, textiles, wood sculptures

Enjoy a game of golf. The Italian Open is held just outside Savellettri

Pick some figs

Enjoy an ice cream in Polignano – ice cream capital of Italy

Take in a festival or two

Go and meet the ladies in Bari who make pasta in the street

Take a day trip to Matera – or stay overnight in the extraordinary Sassi

Visit Lecce – the Venice of the South

Call in on the McAlpines – an expensive bed and breakfast but a fabulous collection of art and artefacts to boot

Head for Gallipoli

Follow the Centurian route to Brindisi – gateway for the Empire to Asia

Hire a boat and drift round the coast line

Go fishing

Go clubbing – the beach clubs around Capitolo are hot

Visit King Frederick II’s hunting lodge – The Castel del Monte

Meander around the markets – each town boasts its own