Antonio the Zingara. . . . news from the Masseria

veg marketBuon giorno from Masseria della Zingara.   My name is Antonio, Antonio the Zingara.   I was born here at the Masseria – a long time ago.

The name Masseria della Zingara means house of the gypsy.  Masseria are found only here in Puglia and the name means a fortified farmhouse.   These days we don’t have horses, cows, sheep, pigs or chickens any more but we do have 20 acres of olive, cherry and almond groves.  We also have a large vegetable garden and a small vineyard.

Visitors are always amazed at the vegetables and fruits of Puglia.  The combination of the hot sun and the mineral-rich limestone soil gives the produce so much colour and flavour – the big, fat, purple and green figs,  long stems of velvet-red tomatoes, wild asparagus and artichokes.

Over the coming months I want to share some of the recipes and secrets of Pugliese cooking with you and I hope that you will want to come and visit me at the Masseria and taste some of the wonderful freshness of the local food and wine.

My land is rich in folklore, traditions and festivals.  As well as the spectacular the festivals are always celebrated with food (of course!) and fireworks!   Easter of course, is a very big event here and I will let you know about where to go to see some of the best festivals!

Buon lavoro e ci vediamo presto!