Prices and bookings

For available dates, please contact us by email at or by telephone on 0044 (0)7967 003 743. We would suggest you email first since Jan might well be in Italy when you call.

There are 4 price bands as indicated in the table.

Dates and Times
Rentals are Saturday (check in 4pm) to Saturday  (checkout 10.30) but flexibility may be possible on request.
Option A:
Main House (sleeps 12-13)

Option B:
Main House and Annexe studio apartment
OR Casetta (sleeps max 15)

Option C:
Main House and both Annexe studio apartment AND Casetta (max occupancy sleeps 19)

Option D:
All accommodation plus poolside trulli.

A security deposit of £500 is to be paid for each booking and we will also insist on a completed booking form coming with the order.

Note: Heating is included up to a level of 50 units per week. Usage beyond that level is charged at cost currently being €4.5 per unit

Private rental booking form
please edit form and email back to us

Dates and price 2019

Dates and price 2019 Option A Option B Option C Option D
Low Season
5th Jan – 23rd March
26th October – 14th Dec.
£2750 £2950 £3150 £3350
Mid Season  £3150  £3350  £3470  £3670
23rd March – 25th May,
28th Sept – 26th Oct.
High Season   £3780   £4000  £4400  £4700
25th May – 13th July
31st Aug – 28th Sept
21st Dec – 1st Jan
Peak Season  £4700  £5000  £5400  £5800
13 July – 31st Aug

Dates and Price 2020

Dates and price 2020 Option A Option B Option C Option D
Low Season
4th Jan – 21st March
24th October – 12th Dec.
£2890 £3095 £3300 £3510
Mid Season  £3300  £3510  £3640  £3850
21st March – 23rd May,
26th Sept – 24th Oct.
High Season   £3970   £4200  £4620  £4930
23rd May – 11th July
29th Aug – 26th Sept
19th Dec – 2nd Jan
Peak Season  £4930  £5250  £5670  £6090
11th July – 29th Aug